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The Kids have cojones.

This deal said it all about the Israel Juniors.

Transnational Teams. Israel Juniors vs OZ Open.  Final 1/3.

Board 11. Dealer South. None Vul.

In the Open room. Lotan Fisher in the pass out seat, found the brilliant bid of 3NT with a spade void! Even after his LHO made a Michaels cue bid showing both majors. He must have reasoned Schwartz had spades because nobody else bid them.


In the other room.

Dror Padon was in 4 X. With trump 5-0, played double dummy to go down only one!

The lead was king, two, South overtaken with the ace, eight. Played another diamond. Trick 2, Padon ruffed. Trick 3, crossed to dummy with the king to lead  3, 10, king, four. (A heart through the opening bidder who rated to hold the ace).

Trick 5, unblocked ace, four, two nine (for timing and good idea in case North could pitch a club, holding only two in the later play). Trick  6, ducked a heart to South’s now bare ace. Trick 7, South played another diamond, Padon discarded a heart, North ruffed with the 10, Dummy two.

Trick 8, jack, queen, diamond three, seven. Trick 9, Padon ruffed a club and North had to follow.

Padon never touched trumps and in the fullness of time. Trick 10. exited a heart and North was end played in spades.


The Juniors won 8 Imps on this board.

After 16 boards led 50-28. With c/o 55-28.

The kids had a 5 imps carry over, result of their head to head encounter in the Swiss Round 10, where the kids beat OZ Open 19-11.

The final result : Juniors vs OZ Open 132-105.

Well done kids, you get to stay out past mid-night this weekend.

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Steve GaynorOctober 31st, 2011 at 7:26 pm

Tov M’od to the Israeli Juniors. The younger players in the world came through big time in these championships.

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