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The never ending Open Pairs is over for us, as we have enough bridge and decided not to play the B final.

Thanks to Pony for being such a understanding partner. All my teammates for making it a very enjoyable tournament.

Pony and Michael.

Pony and Michael.

There were many good things at these championships, the excellent venue, the duplicated boards, play behind screens, bridgemate scoring, great Vu-graph presentations both on BBO and on site, the brilliant instantaneous running score on line and the terrific Daily Bulletin, last but not least BBQ and beer garden. 

Also, after the session has finished all you have to do is scan you player’s badge and your personal result is printed including hand records!

I wonder why ACBL don’t do this?

Reader and printer for your results.

Reader and printer for your results.

Pony played this hand well.

Board 1. Dealer North. None Vul.


South led the six of spades, two, queen, ace. Pony played the jack of diamonds, two, five and nine. Ace of diamonds, three, six and North discarded two of clubs.

At trick 4, four of diamonds, king, seven, North had to guess which four card suit Pony held. He reasoned, with the takeout double, she had the four card heart suit so discarded the eight of clubs.

South switched to the queen of clubs, four, jack, ace. King of clubs, six, seven, ten. Five of clubs, two of hearts, three of spades, nine. North played queen of hearts, king, four and seven.

At trick nine, the three of clubs squeezed North between spades and hearts. When he discarded a heart. Pony end played him by playing back a heart for two spade tricks.

Made nine tricks in 2NT for +150 and 93.65%.

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David Memphis MOJO SmithJuly 2nd, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the reports and, especially, the photos.

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