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Roller coaster in Poznan.

A week in these championships and I am already emotionally drained. 

It all started with the Mixed teams Swiss A. Only 32 teams qualify for the KO out of 150 teams.

After the first match we were in 5th place. We lost the second match rather badly, something like 60-1! If that was not bad enough, our team lost the very next match and dropped to 39th place.

We never gave up, played well the last two matches and made it to the KO. 

Then in the KO, we won our round of 32 match by 2 imps! In the Round of 16, we won by 1 imp! But there was a protest by our opponents on one of the boards, we lost the appeal and the match by 5 or something. That was such a huge let down!


Waldermar and I in the beer garden.

Waldermar and I in the beer garden.

The very next day we played in the Mixed Pairs Semi Final A.  With only the top 22 pairs qualify for the final plus five pairs drop in from the teams and three top pairs from Semi Final B.


In the first session, we scored a miserable 33.51%, 118th place out of 124 pairs. After the second session we moved to 46% and 86th place. Mercifully we were done for the night and could recoup for the morning.


The 3rd round we moved to 78th place and 49.51%. We had a huge game in the 4th round, moved up to 35th place and 53.17%


After the 5th round, moved up again with 55.01% to 26th Place. After the 6th round, moved to 23rd place with 55.26%.


After the 7th round we made it to 22nd place, the last qualifying spot with 54.18%. 

Unbelievable! One of the best come back I ever had.


Jurek Czyzowicz and Malgorzata Sawicka were 4th in the Semi Final B.

Jurek and I in the playing area.

Jurek and I in the playing area.

In the final, we never got going and came home in 25th place.
The Teams started play to-day and I am NPC for the German Ladies (Annaig Della Monta, Cristina Giampietro, Barbara Hackett and Pony Nehmert).
Lets hope we get a smother ride this time.

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