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Another one bites the dust.

Thanks to Queen-another bites the dust, be sure to turn up the volume.

In the MIxed Teams- round of 32 we play some random Italian team Calandra (Calandra, Duboin, Ferraro, Madala, Rimstedt and Sementa.) WE won that match by 2 imps, 64-62.

The next match, round of 16, we play a team from Russia, the Wild Griffins (Dikhnova, Gulevich, Khven, Klapper and Orlov.) At the end of the match we won by 1 imp 52-51. BUT there was a protest on a board.

Here is what happened.

In the closed room, our teammates were North-South

Second session. Board 20. Dealer West. All vul.


Dealer: West

Vul: All













♥ J1086  




♠ QJ1082  






The auction was.


West North East South
1 * pass 1 2 *
Dbl*  pass  pass 
pass pass  pass  

*1 some kind of strong club- not Precision and not Polish.

*2 was alerted by South to West as two suited hand.

North said no agreement when asked by East. According to their convention card there was no agreement against this version of strong club. Their agreement against Polish club, two club is natural. South made up a bid at the table.

*Double was support double for hearts.

Table result, two diamonds made 8 tricks for +90.

The director was called at end of play and ruled that there was a failure to alert. Awarded 3 imps to East-West.

In the Open room, Pony and I were East-West. We got to 4 , and went down 1 for -100. 

When we scored up it was a push on the board.

Our team appealed and the committee ruled that three club was a logical alternative for East-West, made 4 for 130. Gave them 6 imps!

The rest, like they say is history!


PegJune 20th, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Ugh. Sorry, Michael 🙁

PaulJune 21st, 2011 at 9:27 am

This makes little sense. Why would East pass out two diamonds opposite any form of strong club? So I presume that they were actually playing a short club, either natural or balanced, and East played her partner for a misfitting weak notrump.

In East’s world, if two clubs is natural and the partner’s double just shows clubs, then it may well be that double of two diamonds now is effectively penalty. If that is the case, then EW have been damaged by the different explanations and the adjustment is reasonable.

In my experience at this level, the appeals committees are better than most. Strange ruling by the TD, but I expect he did not have the time to investigate all the issues on the hand.

Anyhow, tough but good luck in the pairs.

Ross TaylorJune 23rd, 2011 at 6:39 pm

I don’t understand why East did not bid again under any scenario. And I don’t understand the committe ruling – if East wants to be in 3C, let him/her bid it !

MichaelJune 25th, 2011 at 7:35 am

Thanks Bundy, Paul and Ross.

The committee ruling sounded like big brother talking. I say let them bid 5C.

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