Mike Yuen — Mike talks about bridge

Day 1.

It is day 1 of the round robin, the horses are in the gate and then we were off.

It didn’t take long for the fireworks to start on the first match, the very first board. 

Board 9. Dealer North. E-W Vul.

Playing with Maurice-east, I was west and held.  AJ3  Q7532 J95 84


West North East South
  2 5 6
X 6   pass  pass 
All pass    



Down 2 for +300.

At the other table North pass and East open four clubs. South made a takeout double, North got to play in four spades. Made ten tricks for +420.

+720 won us 12 imps. 

After 3 matches the leaders are. Janick-65. Silver-64. Zambonini-61. Huhes-60.



Brad Bart-Vince Lambert

Brad Bart-Vince Lambert



Cydney Hayes-Cam Doner
Cydney Hayes-Cam Doner







Overheard at the bar last night-

David Willis ” You only need one bed when you room with Waldemar, he gets back after you wake up in the morning, is a waste of money to book a room with two beds!”

Our waitress “The water is so hard here in Regina, you need to shower at least 30 mintues just to wash off your skin?!”

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