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Snow birds.

Over the years, many of my old friends have moved to Victoria in order to escape the harsh Eastern winters. Victoria is particularly agreeable in the Spring. With sunny, warm weather and beautiful flowers everywhere!

Last week at the Regional I was playing with Dr. Simon Kan, Toronto; Keith Dowdall, Winnipeg; Brian Fraser, Montreal; Guy Coutanche, Thunder Bay; and Cary Salmi, Thunder Bay. In the Monday-Tuesday KO. 


Keith, Brian, Cary, Michael and Guy. Missing Simon.

Keith, Brian, Cary, Michael and Guy. Missing Simon.

We had a good run and came in second. The powerhouse team of John Rayner, Michael Roche, Sandra and Doug Fraser beat us in the final.

In the semifinal, Keith and Cary got to a good slam.

Board 8. Dealer West. None vulnerable. 


At the other table, our opponents got to six hearts. That had no play, lost a club and the jack of trumps. We won 14 imps and were on our way to the final.

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