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Face in the crowd

It is always nice to see old friends after a long absence. So when my good friend keith Dowdall told me he was going to play at the Duncan Sectional on Vancouver Island over the weekend, I contacted Simon Kan, another good friend from our Winnipeg days and arranged a game. 

The winners in the Open Pair were Brian Fraser-Victoria and Guy Coutanche-Thunder Bay with a whopping 66.28%. Second were Karen Cumpstone and Peter Herold with 62.41%. Simon and I placed 4th with 60.45%.

In the evening session, this hand against us contributed to Karen-West and Peter-East’s success.

Board 22.  Dealer East. E-W vulnerable.



Simon led the spade eight to my ace. I fired back the diamond ten, Karen won her ace, soon after made the contract for plus 1370 and scored up 33 matchpoints on a 35 top.

Good to see you too, come back soon :)).

Simon, Peter and Michael.

Simon, Peter and Michael.




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