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I had a nice evening with Judith Arbus and Robert Lebi at Knock-on 12th. The food delicious and the company most enjoyable.

Robert and Judith

Robert and Judith

Irving Litvack-West played with Bill Tucker-East, bid this hand rather well against Maurice and I. 

Imp Pairs Final. Session 3. Board 8. Dealer West. None vulnerable.

He held.  Void 6 AKQJ8432 AKJ5

Decide what you would bid before reading on.



Irving made a simple yet fantastic six diamond opening bid, got doubled and played there!

We were lucky to have led a heart, rather then a trump or a club, so held it to twelve tricks. We paid out -1090 and lost 274 cross imps.

Out of thirty-six pairs, only six pairs took the six heart save.

Like most partnerships, our three pages of notes did not cover double at the six level.   

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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