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My Kingdom for a seeing eye dog!

Love Park in Philadelphia

Love Park in Philadelphia

First day of the teams and I have sent for the seeing eye dog. It is for one of my teammates, who shall remain nameless.

In Match 1. Dealer West. All Vul. He as West held  AJxx  Kx  QJxx  AKx

At his side of the table this was the auction.


West North East South
1 Pass 1 Pass
1NT* Pass 3♦* Pass
3   Pass  4♠*   Pass 
5♥* Pass 5 Pass
5NT* Pass 6 Pass
7 Dbl Pass Pass

*1NT 15-18. 3Natural 5-5 in the reds. 3 cue bid. 4 interpreted as Key card ask in Diamond. 5 two with the queen. 5 King ask. 5NT a king that is not easy to show. Over 6 he thought they have all the key cards so he bid 7 ♦.

However according to his partner, this was the auction.


West North East South
1 Pass 1♥ Pass
1   Pass 3   Pass 
3 Pass 4   Pass 
5 Pass 5 Pass
5NT Pass 6 Pass
7   DBL Pass Pass


* 1 5 diamond and 4 spade. 3 Natural game force. the rest was more or less natural. 4 to play. 5  cue bid. 5 to play. 5NT pick a slam.


Eventurally they got to 7  doubled and went down one for -200. At the other table our opponents was in 6  making for 1370. We lost 17 imps.

In Match 3. Dealer South. All Vul.

This same teammate as West held. Jxxx xx xxxx Qxx

This was the auction at his side of the table.


West North East South
      1 *
1 * 2 Pass 2NT 
Pass 3NT  Pass  Pass 


The other three players at the table saw was this auction.


West North East South
      1 *
1 *  2   Pass  2NT 
Pass  3NT Pass Pass
DBL Pass Pass Pass

* 1♣ Precision-strong. 1 either or  + ♣.  

The contract was cold for 10 tricks with chances for 11. Declearer played safe and made ten tricks for +950. Just a little unlucky for us they didn’t double the 3NT contract at the other table, we lost 8 imps.

For to-morrow, I have asked the director for a set of braille cards.

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Dave Memphis MOJOOctober 7th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Sorry it’s not going as well as it could. GL the rest of the way.

Love the photo of LOVE park.

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