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DAY 3 in Philly

It is another beautiful sunny day in Philly. We had a fun game to end the 3rd qualifying session. Sadly we qualified only for the Mixed Pair Plate.

Here is an interesting hand.

3rd Session in the Mixed Pair. Board 8. Dealer West. None Vul.  

As East You hold 1032 K98654 K5 A9

This was the auction.


West North East South
Pass 1 1 2
Pass 2NT Pass 3NT
Pass  Pass Pass   

What is your lead? Did you listen to the auction? Who has the Spade suit? If you lead 4th best from your hearts you give up most the match points as they made ten tricks in 3NT.

However if you found the spade lead, you earn most of the match points.


Dealer: West

Vul: None 


♠ J96  

♥ AJ102  







♣ 105432  













The talk around here is that many bridge players from other countries are having problems coming to the World Championship in the US. Seems the Department Of Homeland Security is making it impossilbe for them to get the required visa for entry.

David Sabourin member of Canadian Youth Team is also having a hard time with his visa.

Another hot topic is that in the McConnell Cup there are only 31 teams entered. Making it impossible to start the event with round of 32.

Sad news for those of us that knew Jim “Flash” Gordon. He died suddenly of a heart attack in Philly.

Double sad news for us that knew Don Campbell of Saskstoon, he passed away last week of a heart attack while on vaction in Italy.

I will miss them both.

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Dave Memphis MOJO SmithOctober 6th, 2010 at 3:47 am

Good to see you in Philly!

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