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Character Building.

The Spring North American Bridge Championship was In Reno NV. USA. Reno is Vegas’s country cousin, “The Biggest Little City in The World” The mechanical bull in the Mustangs Saloon at the Grand Sierra Resort is this town’s main attraction.

This hand in the IMP Pairs was a good lesson in character building.

Dealer West. All Vulnerable.

As North you holding 7 J109 QJ109876 64

This was the auction at one table.


West North East South
1 Pass 2 Pass
2 Pass 2NT Pass
3 Pass 3NT Pass
Pass Pass    


South led the spade eight, Declarer played the ten, seven and two. Club ten, four, five, won by the king. South continued the spade attack, led the spade five-at the same time excuting a Suicide Squeeze on the partnership, jack from dummy, North discarded the diamond queen, three.  Declarer procceed to run clubs, two, six, ace, three. Club queen, diamond two, heart two, diamond six. Club jack, diamond three, heart five, diamond seven. Club nine, diamond king, spade four, diamond eight. Club eight, spade nine, spade six, diamond nine.

This was the five card ending.


Dealer: West

Vul: All Vul.

West East
AK7 84
4 A5


At trick nine when declarer played the club seven, spade queen, diamond four, North was squeezed between hearts and diamonds, discarded the heart nine.

At trick ten, the diamond ace squeezed South in spades and hearts, South discarded the heart three, spade king, diamond 10. Dummy’s heart ace, king, seven took the last three tricks.

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After the hand was scored up, plus 690-a good score for the opponents, North asked South “Would you like some red wine?”

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