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What is it all about?

This was an interesting hand, for me, as I watched the Lederer match between Ireland-Tommy Garvey, John Carroll, Adam Mesbur and Nick Fitzgibbon against England Premier League-Espen Erichsen, Tom Townsend, David Gold, Nick Irens and Norman Selway.

Match 7. Board 32. East-West vulnerable.

As South you hold AKQ762 Void AQ43 K107

You hear this auction, what is your bid?


West North East South
1 Pass Pass ?


At both tables, South doubled and all passed. West got only his four trump tricks, went down three for -800. It was a pushed board.

Oh, in case anyone is interested, Ireland won the event.

Here is board 32. 

Dealer: Wesy

Vul: E-W

West East
J104 953
AKQ82 J6
J76 9852
43 J982


You may have noticed, North-South is cold for seven spades or seven clubs but both tables defended one heart doubled.

So that beg the questions. 

1. Is double a good bid with the south hand? 

2. Is it normal for North to convert partner’s takeout double into a penalty double?

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