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Lightner Double in action

The Lightner slam double asks the partner of the doubler to make an aggressive but unusual lead. The opening leader is on no account to make the passive lead of a trump. Nor is he to make the routine lead of a suit bid by either himself or his partner.

Pamela (west) and Sondra (east) had a good auction to an excellent grand slam in spade.

4NT was Roman key Card and 5 shown 2 key cards with the trump queen. 5NT asked for kings and 6 shown the  king. They bid the grand slam with confidence.

Joan (north) made a Lightner Double to great effect. Barbara (south) was up to the task and led a heart for Joan to ruff, setting the contract one trick.

As you can see, without the Lightner Double, Barbara may have led a club-her partner’s bid suit, declarer would have made the grand slam in comfort.



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Pamela NisbetAugust 25th, 2009 at 1:07 am

This was a fun hand. Once I got doubled and I knew it was for a heart lead. I pondered pulling it to 7NT but I had bid the grand expecting to ruff hearts to make the 13 and I could not see a hand combination that would allow me to make 13 tricks in NTespecially with the hearts obviously situation – so I took my lumps and passed for the known 200. 7NT I am sure would go for more . and I feared they had their doubling boots on! Great bid by Joan. Pamela

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