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Susan Culham

Susan and Maurice de La Salle have lived in Edmonton together for seventeen years. They moved to their new house after one of their bridge friends got careless with a cigarettes at a late night party.

Graduated from University of Alberta with BA-majoring in English. Later became a registered

nurse. After raising her family, had her own weight loss business. Following the sale of the business, Susan directed at the Edmonton Bridge Club for nine years. Last year at her retirement party, the membership gave her a return ticket to Boston, for the Fall North American Bridge Championships.

Susan took up bridge after her family grown, she is a bridge late bloomer. We all know how difficult it is to become a recognized player when you are not exposed to our beloved game in an early age like high school/university. Susan achieved that status. How did she do that? Through determination and superb work ethics.

The strongest part of Susan’s bridge is her “head game”. When you have Susan on your team you can be assured that she will play every board with the same passion and love. She cares about her partners and teammates which is as valuable as making a contract on a squeeze or finding a killing defence.

She plays mostly with her favourite partners, her sweetheart Maurice and her best friend Kismet Fung. I suspect the password to her mail box is “Maurice”.

Susan has numerous wins and high finishes in the Canadian Women’s Team Championships (CWTC). Represented Canada in the 1st World Mind Sports Game in Beijing last year. As her long time friend, I am quite confident that we will see Susan representing our country in many events to come.

Amount her many achievements, she was Player of the Year 2008 Edmonton Bridge Club (very proud of this) This award was given for volunteering, demeanour, and sportsmanship.


Maurice and Susan 

            Maurice and Susan

Her hobbies outside bridge are travel – famous for the “Fox Tour”, named after her father. Reminded me the time we went to the Art Zone in Beijing, no sooner had we got out of the taxi, walked a hundred meters, taken a few photos with her camera, Susan announced to us that she has seen everything and was ready to move on to another attraction. She and Maurice have travelled to Spain, China, Vietnam & Cambodia in the past few years.

She works out daily, loves to read, enjoys long walks with Maurice. She is a very good cook, often have large house parties. Enjoy gardening, their yard won an award from the City of Edmonton this summer.

Susan is also a very good housekeeper, an early raiser. Whenever I stay with them, I have to lock my bedroom door as she had been known to vacuum my room while I slept!

A family oriented person, she has been spending part of each week for the past one and a half years caring for her ailing father in Calgary-driving weekly from Edmonton to Calgary. That truly shows the character and devotion to things she loves in her life.

Susan plans to combine her love of travel and bridge, to see more of the world in the coming years.


angelaAugust 18th, 2009 at 6:40 am

Thank you Michael for introducing the team members and showing some of their great plays.

Good luck to the team in the World Championships and I look forward to seeing the posts from Brazil.

AngelaAugust 20th, 2009 at 10:19 pm

All the best to the team! I know with Michael along you will not only rise to the top in bridge but have a great time doing it!!

ColleenMay 24th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

I’m proud of you Susan. So do you want to keep in touch?

SusanMarch 4th, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Hi Colleen,

Can you believe this…just saw your comment for the first time!

Of course I would love to be in touch and hope you receive this message.

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