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Barbara Clinton

Barbara was born and raised in the USA. Se lived most of her adult life in Canada. (Moved here in the 80’s for a job). Settled in Toronto area ever since.

Barbara grew up in a family that played many card games including bridge. Family functions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas always had a bridge game going. Her earliest memories of “playing” was when her mother in a game would ask Barbara to “play for me, I have to go stir the gravy.”  While still in her early teens, her father decided she and her older sister should learn to play for real. The serious bridge lessons did not go well, it was too much like studying.

Her athletic father, taught her and her sister to play many sports, baseball, basketball, football and hockey to name a few, along with the neighbourhood boys. She also took formal lessons for swimming, golf and tennis.  To this day she still enjoys watching most sports.  (Vince and her once withdrew from a two session event at a sectional after a 72% game because they wanted to watch the hockey playoffs). A true Canadian, eh!  

Barbara actually started playing duplicate one summer after high school with a boyfriend who was an avid player. (She soon learned her mother was a better partner).  She still remembers when she was a novice playing at a club game with her mother. After she made a terrible mistake, her mother would say “don’t worry about it honey, I might have done the same thing”.  This is the nurturing attitude she first learned, so is always shocked to see people yell at their partner at the table.

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At university, all her friends played Pinochle and it was a good way for her to make a few bucks.

Safely armed with a very practical degree in English, Art and Psychology, it was time to get a job. She took the first job that offered her the most money, which was Michigan Bell. She stayed there one year. Then went to work for a company with 150 offices in North America and she was their first and only female sales representative at the time. Needless to say she could not skip very many meetings.  

Barbara excelled in sales, won many awards. Even though it was financially rewarding, it was also a very stressful environment. Few years ago she was happy to leave the rat race.

Now she does consulting and helps Vince with his business. Vince Oddy Books is the largest bridge supply house in Canada. She does really mentally challenging things like unpack boxes, put price stickers on books and takes care of their accounting books (UGH). She and Vince have has been to-gather for 20 years and married for nine.

She works out 1&1/2 hour every day (not because she likes it, but to fight the gravitational effects of aging as well as her fondness for fine wine and gourmet food). She likes to cook and entertain. she is blessed by wonderful friends (still in touch with friends from university), a wonderful husband who loves her, great family (her mom still plays a few days a week at the club game, sadly her dad passed away a few years ago). She enjoys reading books (her greatest pleasure, a love of the English language) enjoy art and decorating. Loves to travel and has have been to many countries around the world. Her favourite hobby used to be shopping, now is just window shopping.

One year Vince and Nader won their units NAOP for a free trip to Buffalo.  The next year he played with her for a “free” trip to Reno, they led from start to finish. In those days you had to qualify and then win a very tough district playoff. In general she does not play much women’s  bridge. She and Vince have several top ten finishes in open events.

Barbara has a long time partnership with Joan for over 20 years, they have numerous wins and high finishes in The Canada Women’s Team Championships over the year. She has also represented Canada In a number of international competitions. Beijing 1995, Montreal 2002, Monte Carlo 2003 and Estoril 2005. She and our team are looking forward to challenging for The Venice Cup in Sao Paulo.

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