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The Summer North American Bridge Championships is in Washington DC from the 23rd July to the 2nd August this year. Now that Obama is in The White House, I decided to make the trip and check out his new digs.

The host hotel Marriott Wardman Park  is a delightful hotel with a beautiful garden. The local organizing committee have done a wonderful job, from the useful registration gift – an umbrella just in time for a frequent summer shower, to the nightly entertainments, and as well to the hilarious musical performance by The Capitol Steps to the Hollywood Square quiz show, just to name a few. There is also a great variety of food being served after the evening games. 

IMG_1026               IMG_1039

Walter Fontaine-North Providence RI                                   Lincoln Memorial

After playing two days in the highly competitive Life Master Pairs with my friend Walter Fontaine and missing the cut to the final day, I needed some recreation and relaxation. So I went downtown with Kiz, Susan, Angela and Maurice, hoping to catch a glimpse of The Man.

IMG_1040                IMG_1044

   National Mall – Reflecting Pool                                Washington Monument


When I knocked on the door, there was nobody home at The White House. The Man has left the building and gone to Camp David for the weekend.


IMG_1050                   IMG_1055  

             U. S Capitol                                                          1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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