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Master Bidding


  Kai Zhou                                                                         Roy Yang Li

At Swiss Match 11 Canada against Estonia. Kai Zhou (West) playing with Roy Yang Li (East) conducted a nice auction to six diamond on board 7.

  ♠ 9852  
  ♥ 973  
  ◊  743  
West ♣ Q96 East
♠ KJ   ♠ AQ3
♥ 10865   ♥ AJ2
◊  KQ9865   ◊ J2
♣ J South ♣ AK1075
  ♠ 10764  
  ♥ KQ4  
  ◊ A10  
  ♣ 8432  

Dealer South All Vulnerable

West North East South
pass pass 1♣ pass
1◊ pass 2NT pass
3◊* pass 3NT  
6◊ all pass    


Roy opened the bidding with one club, the opponents passed throughout. Kai responded one diamond, Roy jumped to two no trump. Kai bid three diamond, which is check back stayman, after Roy’s reply of three no trump. Kai reasoned that partner must have useful cards for the small diamond slam and jumped to six diamond. 

At the other table the opponents stopped at three no trump and 10 imps to Canada.

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