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Lucky hands


    David Sabourin                                                               David Grainger

David Grainger (North) was playing with David Sabourin (South) in round 4 today.

  ♠ 752  
West  AQ East
♠ AQ104   ♠ K6
 K97    Q65
 984    Q3
♣ 653 South  K98742
  ♠ J983  
  ♣ J10  


Dealer East. All Vul.

West North East South
    pass pass
pass 2NT pass 3C
pass 3D pass 3S
pass 3NT pass pass


East led the 4th best C, to the jack, three, queen. David now played the diamonds from the top and when the queen came down he claimed nine tricks. 


Here is another fun hand in the same match.

  ♠ A753  
West  K95 East
♠ KJ42   ♠ 10986
 J64   KQ87
 10974    862
♣ AQ South  J6
  ♠ Q  

Dealer North. E-W Vul

West North East South
  1D pass 1H
pass 1NT pass 2NT
pass 3NT pass pass 

East led the nine of spade, covered by the queen, king and ace. David played three of diamond, two, ace and seven. Two of club, queen, king and six. Now nine of club established the suit for five trick and when the spade broke four-four David could claim nine tricks one more time!

We had an almost average day earning another 44 VP to bring our total up to 88 VP for the event. The Team is in good spirit and looks forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

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