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Excellent Bidding

David Grainger (East) member of the Canadian Youth Team was playing with John Stewart (West) East Coast expert.

  ♠ 1074  
  ♣ QJ1082  
West   East
♠ KQ65   ♠ A9832
♥ A2   ♥ KQJ109
◊ AK   ◊ 2
♣ 7643   ♣ A5
  ♠ J  
  ♣ K  

Dealer East. All Vul.

West North East South
1NT pass 2H* pass
3S pass 4NT? pass
5D** pass 5H? pass
6D*** pass 7NT all pass

John’s 1NT was 15-17. David’s 2H was transfer to spade. 3S was super accept with four trumps and top of the no trump range. 4NT was Roman key card ask and 5D shows 3 key cards. 5H was queen of trump ask and 6D show queen of spade and king of diamond. David made the key bid of 7NT and won the board as the other table played in 7S.

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