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Ni Hao (Hello in Chinese)

“Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more.”  Arab proverb. 

Beijing or Peking (Northern Capital) is the second largest city in China (Middle kingdom). Has over seventeen millions people. Local currency is the Chinese Renminbi (RMB). The Canadian dollar is worth 6.2 (RMB)

After a wonderful two weeks with family in Singapore, Jeff and I got on a Singapore Airline flight to Beijing this morning. It was a very enjoyable five hour flight. 

The new airport is very large and user friendly. All the signs are in both Chinese and English. We cleared immigration, pick up our luggage and passed custom in no time. It was day and night compare to what we had to do to get our visa!

We decided to have some fun and took the fast train into the city instead of the 300 (RMB) town car or the 120 (RMB) taxi ride. Train tickets are 25 (RMB) each and the taxi ride from the train station to our hotel was only 27 (RMB). It is a very cool (14c) day when we touched down and is much colder (8c) in the evening.

Will do some sightseeing this week and looking forward to joining up with The Team.

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