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Busy Weekend

Singapore will host the first ever night time FORMULA ONE race this weekend. The race will also be run here for the next five years. Total cost for the event is projected at S$150 million with the Singapore Government picking up 60 per cent of the annual tab. Pair of tickets for the 3 day weekend is priced at S$996.

There will be 20 cars in the race. All the preparations are done, with major street in the down town area closed to local traffic. The excitement is building and the racing fans are ready for action.


This weekend is also CONFUCIUS ‘ birthday. Kong Zi, as he is known to the Chinese was born more then 25 centuries ago in China. He is one of the best know thinker-philosopher, credited with promoting values such as respect for elders and reciprocity.

I will go to the temple, pay my respects by make fruit and paper offerings. Hopefully HE will bestow luck and mental acuity on Canada’s Youth Team at the upcoming Mind Game in Beijing.

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