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Thinking outside the box.

In the 80s and 90s for some, the box is the penalty box, that may explain why sometimes hockey games break out during bridge.

There are now 71 teams in the Youth Championship and as it will be Swiss qualifier for the KO stage. I am reading most of the convention/system cards other countries have posted. Unlike the other events where limited number of countries are put into groups, you need only to prepare for those opponents that are in your group. 

Well what do you know, only a few teams play Standard American. Everybody else play something else!

Many play toys like 2 club either weak diamond preempt or any strong hand. Multi 2 diamond both weak or strong. Others play 2 diamond 7 card major suit. Still others play 2 diamond majors weak. 2 diamond 18-19 strong no trump. 2 heart is heart and another suit. 2 spade is spade and a minor. 2NT minors or any 2 suites. We have defenses against these and other 2 suited openings. Yet others play transfer responses, transfer preempt. Some play very weak NT. we can also prepare for Suction, Gazzilli (invented by Leo Gazzilli of Milan. artificial bid of 2C by opener limited or GF), Drury, Bergen, big club, Polish club, comic no trump, special 3NT and higher preempts.

What if you do not have Google at your disposal at the table? What are your agreements when you have to play against conventions/names that are foreign to you. Like checkback Woolsey (2 way check back). 1 major-2NT Scannian way. Inverted key card Josephine. Muiderberg (Dutch Two suited opening) Absolute doubles ( I would have thought it is played by a Swedish pair but  Belgian.) EHAA (every hand an adventure!) Still others play Ekrens 2 diamond (originally invented Norwegian Bard Olav Ekren – weak hand with majors). Keri over NT (2 club stayman or diamonds, transfers, 2 spade invite to 3NT or slam hand and so on). Principle of slow arrival. Some play relay systems (the days of calling a spade a spade is numbered)

When I first played bridge psychics was unheard of. In this event, few checked rare, most checked seldom, many checked often (in third position and in responses to partner’s opening bid). A pair from Japan play fake suit and fake controls!

My advise to our team “Best defense is to trust your partner”

Maybe Meckwell got it right. Bid game now and let them defend later.

Richard Boyd and Emmett David from Ireland said it best on their system card. “Enjoy the Tournament”

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