Mike Yuen — Mike talks about bridge

Here is Kai Zhou another member of The Team.

My name is Kai Zhou and I am from Shanghai, China. 5 Years ago I came to Vancouver to study at SFU Simon Fraser University. I now work as sales representative at Info CANADA.

I have been playing bridge for about 10 years. My partner in the Championship is Roy Yang Li.

To be selected to play for Canada at the 1st Mind Sports Game is a great opportunity for me and I really cherish it for a few reasons. First, I have a chance to shine at my very first International Bridge Championship. Second, we are being coached by the best coach in the world Eric kokish. Although he is very busy, he has spent a lot of time and efforts doing one on one bidding sessions. Providing complete summaries and various practice questions for us to improve our partnership. I would also like to say Thank You to him and Beverly for the defence sessions. I will do my best and not let them down.

Besides Bridge I play table tennis, chess and badminton. However they all have to take a back seat to bridge. Right now bridge is my game and I am addicted to it.

I like Chinese food, but I do not have much time for cooking as my time is always squeezed by bridge :))

You are welcome to contact Kai at kaiz@sfu.ca


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