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Introducing Eric O. Kokish and Beverly Kraft, coach of The Team.

Eric Kokish is a champion player and also widely considered World’s best bridge coach. He is full time coach of all Canadian teams and currently on retainer to the USA Nickell team. He is also coaching or has coached the USA Woman, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands and Russia amongst others. 75% of his teams have done well in international competition!

Eric is also a prolific writer, system consultant for the WBF, Contributing editor to The Bridge World Executive editor, World Bridge news, NEC Cup bulletins, PABF bulletins. Vugraph Commentator, WBF. Also sits on WBF Appeals committee. Principal analyst, World Championship Books. Analyst, World Simultaneous pairs.

Eric was born in Montreal and spent the first half century of his life there. He learned the basics of the game of bridge in the Monklands High School bridge club and has never lost his fascination with the game. Ten years after graduating with an Arts degree from McGill University, Eric returned for a law degree. Shortly after graduating, he abandoned the law to make order in the bridge world. He married childhood sweetheart, Beverly Kraft , in 1986.

Beverly Kraft Is also champion player in her own right. Silver in Maastricht, Bronze in Rhodes. She and Eric lives in Toronto with their son Matthew (York U, honours kinesiology). They have an 11-year old black lab Jackie Robinson and a two-year old fierce cat named kitten. They also have three married-up daughters with 6 grandchildren. Current passion is 1 year old granddaughter Zoe.

They both love music, have about 10,000 LPs and singles vinyl records in addition to a few hundred CDs. Main focus 50s and 60s rock n roll, but big on Dylan, Springsteen, Leonard Cohen (B’s favourite), Bob Seger, Dave Alvin, Van Morrison, Proclaimers, Midnight Oil (pretty eclectic)

Eric also collect baseball cards somewhat obsessively. Bridge books and magazines have taken over much of the living space. Watch only House on TV.

They both despise celery, love Indian and most ethnic cuisines. Eric is a carnivore (OK, omnivore), Bev is closer to an organic obsessive.

Eric and Bev now.

They have work to-gather in bridge related activities (International Bridge Services, Inc) since 1985 Bev is major part of their success. Eric said they are so busy they both need a wife!

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